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My professional life is immersed in the high tech industry. Never before in thirty years in the industry have I experienced a convergence of my professional 'tech' life and my personal life such as today. Technology is indeed invading our existence in profound ways. 

More than ever, the challenges facing my enterprise and government customers permeate my home and affect me and my family.

These pages are about the issues and challenges and values I deal with in this converged world. I use these pages for reference and as a personal archive. I hope you find them informative, interesting and useful.

I welcome comments and insights about similar useful info.  

bulletComputer/Internet Security
bulletDisaster Recovery Info
bulletElectronic Commerce
bulletFighting SPAM
bulletPrivacy & Fraud Protection
bulletInfrastructure Management and Protection
bulletPress & Papers
bulletSecurity Intelligence
bulletTerrorism Response
bulletViruses & Anti-Virus



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