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Fraud and Identity Protection


bullet Anti-Phishing Work Group
bullet Better Business Bureau
bullet  Identity Theft Resource Center -
bullet NH DOJ Consumer Protection -
bullet 9 Tips To Help Safeguard Your Online Privacy -

bullet fakecheck.org/ - Fakecheck.org is a gateway to sites on the Internet for secure banking trust anti scam fraud phishing.
bullet IBM Security - http://www-03.ibm.com/security/
bullet Identity Theft
bullet Illinois State Police - Internet Crimes Unit
bullet Internet Fraud Complaint Center
bullet Make yourself invisible
bullet National Fraud Information Center
bullet Press on ID Theft
bullet Privacy and Identity Protection

Illinois State Police - Internet Crimes Unit

Link to Consumer.gov Fraud Protection from McNees.org

bullet Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - a nonprofit consumer education, research, and advocacy
program. Publications empower consumers to take action to control your personal information by providing practical tips on privacy protection. 
bullet Privacy Links
bullet Privacy.org
bullet Scambusters
bullet Trusteer.com
bullet Top 10 Dot CONS
bullet Zero-knowledge.com

Link to Consumer.gov section on ID Theft

Press on ID Theft
bullet Analyst: Crime pays for identity thieves
bullet Operation Web Snare nabs 100 in ID Theft
bullet Study: Millions hit by ID fraud




Scan your PC for spyware now.

EarthLink Finds Rampant Spyware, Trojans - See link

Spyware and Identity Management Vendors

bullet www.securityintelligence.com
bullet www.spywareinfo.com/
bullet www.spychecker.com/
bullet www.spywareremove.com
bullet www.2-freespywareremoval.com 
bullet www.CompareSpywareRemovers.com - 4 Side-by-side Comparisons of Top Spyware Virus Removers.
bullet www.1Spybot.com
bullet www.McAfee.secureie.com
bullet www.Palsol.com
bullet www.CompareSpywareRemovers.com
bullet www.NoAdware.net
bullet www.cexx.org
bullet www.safer-networking.org
bullet www.spyware.co.uk/
bullet www.spywareguide.com
bullet www.spywareonline.org
bullet www.wilderssecurity.net/spywareguard.html 
bullet http://www.oblix.com/
bullet www.pchell.com/support/spyware.shtml 
bullet www.pestscan.com/
bullet www.spywarenuker.com
bullet www.securityfocus.com
bullet www.invisiblekeylogger.com/
bullet www.adware.info
bullet www.surasoft.com
bullet http://www.bmc.com
bullet http://www.calendra.com
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bullet AFU and Urban Legends
bullet ATMs Converted to Steal IDs of Bank Customers
bullet Center For Disease Control's Health Hoaxes Page
bullet Chain letter information
bullet CNET's All-New Favorite Net Hoaxes
bullet Data Fellows' Hoax page
bullet Hoaxinfo.com Virus Hoaxes and Net Lore
bullet Hoaxbusters.org The Big List
bullet IBM Hype Alert
bullet Mining Co. (About.com) Guide to Urban Legends and Folklore
bullet Mining Co. (About.com) Virus and Hoax guide
bullet Network Associates Hoax Center
bullet Rob Rosenberger's Site
bullet IBM - X-Force - https://securityintelligence.com/topics/x-force/
bullet Sophos Hoax Info Site
bullet The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society
bullet Urban Legends on About.com

HoaxBusters at CIAC

HoaxBusters at CIAC

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