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Cyberterrorism Press and Papers

bullet Cyber-Attacks by Al Qaeda Feared
bullet The Myth of Cyberterrorism
bullet Bush's Cyberstrategery
bullet What Are the Real Risks of Cyberterrorism?
bullet Is Cyber Terror Next?
bullet Cyber Security of the Electric Power Industry
bullet Cybercrime... Cyberwarfare... Cyberterrorism... : Averting an Electronic Waterloo
bullet Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime and Militancy
bullet A Short History of Computer Viruses and Attacks
bullet The Great Cyberwar of 2002
bullet Timeline: The U.S. Government and Cybersecurity
bullet CYBERWAR Frontline Special on PBS
bullet NEWSWEEK - Spies - Too Little Sharing
bullet IWA - TTIC
bullet John O'Brennon - 9/11 Statement - TTIC
bullet Journal on Homeland Security

Rick in the Press

Tech Press Links


RiverGlass Part of Winning Team - Awarded Five-Year Solutions for Intelligence Analysis Contract
RiverGlass Release - April 2008


RiverGlass To Take Part in Event Management Framework Contract Awarded by DISA
Event Management Framework will Support Command and Control of Response to National Catastrophic Events - RiverGlass Release - February 2007

bullet The Fusion Revolution - Homeland Security Today - April 2007
bullet Analyzing Reams of Data - Security and Access Control Magazine - February 2007
bullet Getting Physical with Network Security - Networking+, April, 2005
bullet Identity and Access Management for Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance - March 2005
bullet Let's Get Physical - Security Adviser Magazine, ME Edition, January 2005
bullet Lets Get Physical - IT Security, Security Electronics Magazine, November, 2004 - Feature
bullet Intelligent Patching carving out a 'large' niche - Cabling Installation & Maintenance, July 2004
bullet Surveillance and Network Protection: Who will run the show? Devices in schools push management questions to the forefront. - Cabling Installation & Maintenance, December, 2003
bullet Network Cable Management: Real-Time Tools Take The Cable Management Monsters Out Of The Wiring Closet - Processor - Oct 10, 2003 - Archive
bullet Does cabling need to be intelligently monitored? (pdf) Communications News 07/03
bullet The Lifeblood of Business Productivity (pdf) - CIO Magazine - 01/15/03
bullet Light at end of tech tunnel remains dim, Chicago Tribune, October 10, 2002
bullet Tools help untangle physical LAN environment,
bullet iTRACS offers novel network monitoring system - i-street - May 31, 02
bullet iTRACS Seeks Traction With Tyco; Are Trials, Tribulations Next?  E*PRAIRIE - 4/26/2002
bullet Let’s Get Physical - iTRACS; Futuredex - The Private Capital Marketplace, March 06, 2002
bullet iTRACS Trekking to Chicago - E*PRAIRIE.COM - Midwest Technology Business News 11/27/2002 
bullet Rising to meet changing business needs - IT Support News - Sept 2001
bullet Local software company faces global growth spurt - Phoenix Business Journal - July 27, 2001
bullet iTRACS Corporation, appoints Rick McNees VP of marketing.- TMCnet.com People&Places
bullet Compaq Launches Solutions Alliance Program inform - News magazine for enterprise computing
bullet Programmed for wine - Wine Spectator - June 15, 2001
bullet It's the Message Stupid - Software Success Conference in May 1999, in San Francisco pdf version
bullet e-Signatures: A  Signature that Can Be Trusted? - Info Security Reading Room - Oct 1, 2000
bullet Smart cards story from MSNBC (with quote from Rick McNees)
bullet E-signatures: Signed, sealed delivered - ZDNet News - Sept 28, 2000 pdf version
bullet CyberSafe launches Smartcard initiative - from the Eastside Journal - (McNees quotes) pdf version
bullet Compaq Launches Strategic Go-to-Market and Support Program for Software Vendors, Systems Integrators and Consultants - February 8, 1999
bullet Best Internet Builds Electronic Commerce Product Offering with Mercantec SoftCart - Business Wire - Nov 18, 1996
bullet Micro Focus Adds Lab Stringray Software Company - Software Magazine, Aug, 1991

Press Coverage on E-Signatures

bullet Sign at the Digital X: E-Sign Law Takes Effect - PC World, October 2000
bullet E-Signatures Become Valid -|- New York Times, Oct 2, 2000
bullet E-Sig - signed, sealed, delivered - ZDNET - 29 Sept.
bullet E-Signatures for 30 million laptops - Sept 27, 2000
bullet Synaptics and Silanis team up to propel e-signature adoption - Silanis version - Sept 27, 2000 
bullet Digital Signature Process - tutorial/demo from PC Magazine - Aug 25, 2000
bullet E-Signature Legislation Summary
bullet Making e-comm safer Congress expected to pass landmark digital signature legislation - Network World - June 29, 2000
bullet Clinton signs E-Sign Bill - and story from Yahoo
bullet Seattle Times Inside Technology Column on E-Signatures - local copy
bullet Network World article on digital signatures
bullet U.S. House Approves Electronic Signature Measure -||-  from Yahoo 
bullet John Hancock goes digital
bullet Ilumin Digital Handshake
bullet Electronic Signatures - 12/18/2000 -|- PC Magazine from ZDWire

Industry Coverage 2000-2001


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