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Hoaxes and Urban Legends
bullet ADL.org/Internet_Rumors/
bullet AFU and Urban Legends
bullet ATMs Converted to Steal IDs of Bank Customers
bullet Center For Disease Control's Health Hoaxes Page
bullet Chain letter information
bullet CNET's All-New Favorite Net Hoaxes
bullet Data Fellows' Hoax page
bullet Fraud - Hoaxes And Urban Legends -
Fraud Prevention, Information and News about Fraud Online
bullet Hoaxinfo.com Virus Hoaxes and Net Lore
bullet Hoaxbusters.org The Big List
bullet Mining Co. (About.com) Guide to Urban Legends and Folklore
bullet Mining Co. (About.com) Virus and Hoax guide
bullet Network Associates Hoax Center
bullet Rob Rosenberger's Site
bullet The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society
bullet Snopes Urban Legends Reference Page
bullet Sophos Hoax Info Site
bullet Symantech Hoax Site
bullet Truth or Fiction.com/
bullet Urban Legends on About.com

HoaxBusters at CIAC

HoaxBusters at CIAC

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