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Infrastructure Management and Protection

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Computer/Internet Security -
bullet ASN1 - Standards Using ASN.1 
bullet Internet Security  - Press, Sites, Links, Lots of Stuff on Security
bullet iTRACS in the news
bullet Political Cartoons on Hackers
bullet RSA Public-Key Cryptography Standards 
bullet Top 10 Internet Threats
bullet US Government Sites 
bullet W3C (WWW Consortium) Security Resources
Disaster Recovery Info
bullet Disaster Resource Guide
bullet Disaster Recovery Institute
bullet Disaster Recovery Journal
bullet Global Continuity
bullet Inet Storm Center
bullet ProveIt
bullet SANS - Incidents.org
bullet Survive
Electronic Commerce
bullet CERT. Coordination Center
bullet E-commerce vendors
bullet Enabling Payment Processing Primer
bullet Merchants on-line
bullet Nuts And Bolts Of Transaction Processing
bullet Security vendors

US Electronic Commerce Protection Site

bullet SmartCards
bullet X9 - Accredited X9 Standards Committee for Financial Transactions -|- x9.59 Models -|- X9F
E-Sign - Digital Signatures Press
bullet Esign Law - Electronic Records and Signatures Act
bullet Digital Signature Guidelines - Legal ramifications of e-signatures from American Bar Assn. - analysis and recommendations for implementation
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Fighting SPAM

Link to SPAM Abuse.net

bullet Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
bullet Fighting Spam - from former Pti'er Brian Clapper
bullet Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email
bullet JamSpam - Industry task force against SPAM
bullet Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS)
bullet Spam Abuse.net
bullet Spam Assassin
bullet Spam Recycling Center

Link to Spam Recycling Center

Fraud Protection
bullet Better Business Bureau
bullet CyberSource White Paper on Internet Identity Theft
bullet E-com & net Consumer Protection Internet Privacy Companion
bullet Identity Theft
bullet Internet Fraud Complaint Center
bullet Internet Privacy
bullet Make yourself invisible
bullet National Fraud Information Center
bullet Privacy and Identity Protection

Link to Consumer.gov section on ID Theft

Link to Consumer.gov Fraud Protection from McNees.org

bullet Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - a nonprofit consumer education, research, and advocacy
program. Publications empower consumers to take action to control your personal information by providing practical tips on privacy protection. 
bullet Privacy Links
bullet Privaseek
bullet Scambusters
bullet Trusteer - an IBM company
bullet Top 10 Dot CONS
bullet Zero-knowledge.com
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bullet AFU and Urban Legends
bullet ATMs Converted to Steal IDs of Bank Customers
bullet Center For Disease Control's Health Hoaxes Page
bullet Chain letter information
bullet CNET's All-New Favorite Net Hoaxes
bullet Data Fellows' Hoax page
bullet Hoaxinfo.com Virus Hoaxes and Net Lore
bullet Hoaxbusters.org The Big List
bullet IBM Hype Alert
bullet Mining Co. (About.com) Guide to Urban Legends and Folklore
bullet Mining Co. (About.com) Virus and Hoax guide
bullet Network Associates Hoax Center
bullet Rob Rosenberger's Site
bullet Sophos Hoax Info Site
bullet The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society
bullet Urban Legends on About.com

HoaxBusters at CIAC

HoaxBusters at CIAC

Infrastructure Management and Protection 
bullet Infrastructure Protection Papers & Press
bullet iTRACS Corporation - p-net, info-web
bullet SANS - Sys Adm, Networking, and Security
bullet Structured cable vendors 
bullet Systems Integration Vendors 
bullet Systems Management Vendors
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Rick in the press

Tech Press Links

bullet Does cabling need to be intelligently monitored? (pdf) Communications News 07/03
bullet The Lifeblood of Business Productivity (pdf) - CIO Magazine - 01/15/03
bullet Light at end of tech tunnel remains dim, Chicago Tribune, October 10, 2002
bullet Tools help untangle physical LAN environment,
bullet iTRACS offers novel network monitoring system - i-street - May 31, 02
bullet iTRACS Seeks Traction With Tyco; Are Trials, Tribulations Next?  E*PRAIRIE - 4/26/2002
bullet Let’s Get Physical - iTRACS; Futuredex - The Private Capital Marketplace, March 06, 2002
bullet iTRACS Trekking to Chicago - E*PRAIRIE.COM - Midwest Technology Business News
bullet Rising to meet changing business needs - IT Support News - Sept 2001
bullet Local software company faces global growth spurt - Phoenix Business Journal - July 27, 2001
bullet iTRACS Corporation, appoints Rick McNees VP of marketing.- TMCnet.com People&Places
bullet Compaq Launches Solutions Alliance Program;  inform - News magazine for enterprise computing
bullet Programmed for wine - Wine Spectator - June 15, 2001
bullet It's the Message Stupid - Software Success conference in May 1999, in San Francisco
bullet e-Signatures: A  Signature that Can Be Trusted? - Info Security Reading Room - Oct 1, 2000
bullet E-signatures: Signed, sealed delivered - ZDNet News - Sept 28, 2000
Viruses & Anti-Virus
bullet Avast Technology
bullet Computer Associates
bullet Data Fellow's Virus Page
bullet Dr Solomaon
bullet IBM Virus Alert
bullet McAfee Security
bullet Panda Software
bullet Sophos
bullet Symantec
bullet Trend Micro Enterprises 
Wireless PDA's

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