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This started with my Wine Book Library, then my Personal Book Library; now my Business Book Library. These are a small fraction of my collection, but are ones I find myself recommending to people most often. Therefore here they are for reference and info.
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Technology-as-a-Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business

by Thomas Lah (Author), J.B. Wood
Defines the tactical and strategic plays technology companies must run to build a profitable subscription business.
Maritime Security PartnershipsNaval Security Partnerships
National Academies Press
24 Days In The Life (And Death) of Enron
By Rebecca Smith & John Emswiller

See http://www.24-days.com/index.html

Who Says Elephants Can't Dance : Inside IBM's Historic Turnaround
Louis V. Gerstner
In Search of Stupidity: Over 20 Years of High-Tech Marketing Disasters
by Merrill R. (Rick) Chapman
Riding the Wave: Designing Your Organization's Architecture for Enduring Success
by Keith Merron
Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers
by Geoffrey A. Moore with  Regis McKenna
Inside the Tornado : Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley's Cutting Edge
by Geoffrey A. Moore
Marketing High Technology: An Insider's View
by William H. Davidow
Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies for Market Dominance
by Larry Downes
Growing Pains : Transitioning from an Entrepreneurship to a Professionally Managed Firm
by Eric G. Flamholtz
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
by John C. Maxwell
Selling the Dream
by Guy Kawasaki
Pulling Together: The Power of Teamwork
by John J. Murphy
Books by Friends and Colleagues
Practical Intrusion Detection Handbook
by Paul E. Proctor
Using Workbench Development Tools: Micro Focus Plus Third-Party Cobol Add-Ons and Accessories (Wiley Professional Computing)
by Jonathan S. Sayles, Peter Molchan

Forward by Rick McNees

Agents of Change: Managing the Introduction of Automated Tools (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
by Barbara M. Bouldin
Foreward by Edward Yourdon
 The Cobol 85 Example Book
by Jerome Garfunkel

Also see Rick Wine Library and Personal Library


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