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OTBN 2011
Its that time again... OTBN - Open That Bottle Night. For those that have a special bottle of wine or champagne hidden away being saved for a special occasion that for whatever reason hasn't happened.  Every year since 2000, on the last Saturday night in February, Open That Bottle Night (OTBN) has been celebrated - the time to uncork and enjoy that cherished but here-to-for elusive bottle. OTBN was conceived by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, wine columnists for Wall St. Journal (wine@wsj.com). They realized they weren't alone - having that special bottle set aside for an occasion that just never happens. On this night, you don't need an excuse or a reason - just do it! Take advantage of OTBN to open that bottle and enjoy it! Enjoy it by yourself, or better yet, enjoy it with someone special, or with a group. Have everyone bring such a bottle and let the story telling begin, because amazingly, every OTBN bottle has a story or some meaning. Let the fun begin. 

So I spent the morning digging around in the cellar and found many candidates. So I decided to set aside those anniversary year bottles - those of the birth-years of the kids, and other special anniversary years. Those bottles have a reason for opening and their circumstances are set.Tonight is for that bottle lacking a reason - but for its own reason its special in some way. 

Here is a selection of bottle I found that were candidates - according to the criteria that they are getting old, need to be consumed and since I've been holding them it must be for waiting for a reason. Why else would there be twenty, thirty-five year old bottles languishing down in the cellar!?!

Here is my runner-up for OTBN 2011  

Here is my selection for OTBN 2011

More to follow as the saga/evening unfolds and the OTBN selection (s) is unveiled - er uncorked !

OTBN 2011 Flight

Redheads Studio Return of the Living Red NV Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Touriga
February 2011
Beaucastel Chateuaneuf du Pape 1978
OTBN 2011 First Runner-up 1978 Jordan Cabernet Sauvgnon
Cheateau Beaucastel  
Chateauneuf du Pape
Rhone River Valley

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