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Jan Fabre, born 1958 in Antwerpen is one of the greatest Belgian artist of our time. He is recognized as painter, sculptor, choreographer
Wolfgang Niedecker, former art Student and today world famous creator and band laeader of BAP has created this collage from pieces found on the border of the Rhine River near his hometown Cologne
The artist Gerd Winter from Darmstadt created this painting in 1999. Gerd Winter is a Städel Meisterschüler and many of his paintings can be obtained at the Barbara von Stechow Art Gallery in Frankfurt.
Kiddy Citny

was born 1957 in Stuttgart and live in Berlin and Munich. His paintings carry his very personal style of allegories and are often like a rebus.

He received world fame when in 1990 a stone segment of the Berlin-Wall with his painting was exposed at the Museum of modern Art in New York.

Vintage 1997

Marvin Oliver

Marvin Oliver is a native indian from the
Quinault tribe, lives in Seattle and is
professor of art at the University of

He calls his painting "Suncatcher" and
expresses the suncatching potential of the
Berg Schlossberg vineyard by indian
symbolisme. The Killerwale representing the
courage and the raven intelligence.

Vintage 1996

Johannes Maltrowsky-Haider
born 1954
lives in Siegendorf in Burgenland.

The artist works with very simple creative structures.
Seemingly hazards are wanted by determination.

Vintage 1995

Birgit Sauer
born 1972

lives in Siegburg/Burgenland and won in 1995
the main prize of the XXI. graphic biennale in
Ljubljana for new tendences in graphic art. Her
works set new standarts in modern printing

Vintage 1994

Gerhard Fietz
born 1910
died 1997

lived in Goeddingen. He founded in 1948 the
important group "Zen 49". His works, created
in his old age are full of intensity and strength.

Vintage 1993

Michael Wolff
born 1949

in Roumania, lives for many years now in
Mainz. Beside his important sculptural works,
he has createt important installations.

Vintage 1992

Marku Hakuri
born 1946

is one of the todays most important finish
artists. Many of his creations draw from the
symbolisme of nature. He named the work
"the happy sound of the growing of grapes".

Vintage 1991

Heijo Hangen
born 1927 in Bad Kreuznach

is one of the most important artist of the
"constructionisme" and lives near Koblenz.
The label has inspired him to produce the
series "Schlossberg Costellations".

Vintage 1990

Gabriel Constantinescu
born 1942 in Rumänien,
living near Hamburg.

This painting is a transposition of a sculpture,
built in the vineyards of Ruedesheim, but
unfortunately destroyed by the action of
vandalisme. The rythme of the wooden poles
and the combination with the vines is an estetic moment.

Vintage 1989

Carl Henning Pedersen
born 1913

Danish expressionist and founder of the
COBRA (1948), he is the most important
scandinavian artist of our times. In his
symbolic view of the world, he confronts reality
with fiction.

Vintage 1988

Angerer d. J.
born 1940

Lives in Siegsdorf/Bavaria. He dedicates his
works to "Shadow-Painting". Naturally
existing or technically produced shadows are
combined with drawings or paintings.

Vintage 1987

Hella Santarossa
born 1949

She lives in Berlin. Her radical swing towards
the sensuality of colors and the spontannous
expression of gestures marks her work.

Vintage 1986

Max Marek
born 1957 in New York

He is the son of the author Kurt W.Ceram and
studied in Paris. In 1983 he became a member
of the group X-Stars. Many motivs for his
paintings originate from his nightly strolls on
the streets of Paris.

Vintage 1985

Heinrich Walcher
born 1947 in Wien

He combined his liking for the phantasisme
with the landscape painting. He lives today in a
farm in the state of Kaernten.

Vintage 1984

Werner Lichtner-Aix
born 1929 in Berlin
died 1989

He lived since 1967 in Provence. The
experience of the Mistral, which produces a
cristal clear sky and makes the original shapes
of the earthe shine in a new light, has been a
source of inspiration for many of his paintings.

Vintage 1983

Christiane Maether
born 1941 in Berlin

Art professor in Achen. The simple things of
the daily life become monuments by her
paintings and earn a new reality.

Vintage 1982

Waldemar Otto
born 1929 in Petritzau, Polen

He is one of the most important sculptors of
our time. He lives in Worpswede. His idea of
the moral requirement for the human being in
on the basis for his "sculptures of realisme".

Vintage 1981

Werner Hilsing
born 1938 in Hannover

He is known for his "dream landscapes" and
his autobiographical novels. He lives in Berlin.

Vintage 1980

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