Useful travel sites -
Joe Sent travel site
Travel portals and websites
bullet AAA - American Automobile Assn - Chicago Motor Club
bullet Aircraft Statistics
bullet - Aircraft Tail Number Search
bullet - aircraft information center
bullet Air
bullet Airlines,com
bullet - huge database of aircraft including the new Airbus 3XX super jumbo jet
bullet Check out the Airports page.
bullet Airport Flights' Real-time Arrivals and Departures Status
bullet Airliners.Net
bullet AirlineSafety.Com
bullet AirNav
bullet Airports
bullet AirSafe.Com
bullet Air Safety Online
bullet Air Traffic Control System Command Center from the FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
bullet Air Transport Association
bullet Air Travel Consumer Report - from USDOT
bullet Air Travel: Live Traffic Control
bullet Aviation Safety Network - not for the white knuckler - Air Accident Coverage
- Links to Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) / Air Traffic Control (ATC) transcripts
bullet Chicago Area Real-time Traffic
bullet Chicago O'Hare International Airport - rated the most popular in the world in passenger survey
bullet City of Chicago Department of Transportation
bullet City Guides from
bullet CNN Travel Site
bullet Conde Nast Traveler
bullet The Connected Traveler from Travel Magazine
bullet CrewStart.Com
bullet Currency converter tool || Currency Converter
bullet - ua inflight music info
bullet DOT - Dept of Transportation for every state
bullet Escape from America Travel Pages - a unique travel resource
bullet Flight Arrivals and Departures
bullet Flightview
bullet Flight Tracker from - Real-time flight intelligence solutions
bullet - popular frequent flyer community
bullet Heathrow Airport - London 
bullet Hong Kong Airport - one of the top 10 construction achievements of the 20th century - the passenger terminal is the largest enclosed public space in the world
bullet FAA - Federal Aviation Administration -|- Real-time Airport Status -|- FAA Safety Data
bullet Family Travel - popular travel planning site
bullet J D Power Travel Ratings
bullet JetSafety.Com
bullet Journey Woman - Travel Resource site (not necessarily just) for women
bullet Language Translator from Lycos
bullet MAPS || Mapblast || || Mapquest || National Geographic  || USGS || ZIP2
bullet Marriott - Marriott's Travel-links page
bullet Marriott Rewards
bullet N-number registry from FAA
bullet National Air Disaster Alliance
bullet National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
bullet Netcrawler Maps
bullet Plane Crash Info.Com
bullet Plane Spotting Network
bullet Reverse Telephone Directory
bullet Road Mileages Between U.S. Cities
bullet Road Conditions in Illinois
bullet Routes International - Expanded Flight Tracker - track any flight in progress
bullet Rules of the Air - Rules about travel
bullet Skyscrapers
bullet Smart Traveler
bullet State Tourism Offices
bullet Tail Numbers
bullet Time and Distance Calculator - Enter the origination and destination airports, as well as the air knots speed and it calculates the air mileage and time to travel.
bullet Time Zones - local time in 130 cities
bullet Travelinfo-online
bullet Travel Lingo Defined
bullet Travel Lists
bullet Travel Tips from US TSA
bullet Travel Tool: Date Calculator
bullet Travel Tool: Mileages Convert miles into kilometers or kilometers into miles here.
bullet Travel Tool: Travel Lingo Translated
bullet Travel Tool: Temperatures - Convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius or the reverse.
bullet Travel Tool: Times Round The World
bullet always looking for.
bullet Travelocity || Farewatcher
bullet United -|-  Download United Airlines Electronic Timetable
bullet United States State Department - Travel Advisory Site
bullet Universal Currency Converter - Universal Currency Converter.
bullet Washington State DOT - Seattle Area Traffic Cameras
bullet Washington State Mountain Pass Travelers Advisory
bullet World Time
bullet Yahoo! Aviation News

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