Flight operations at Kai Tak Airport
The new Hong Kong airport replaced Kai Tak airport - one of the most dangerous in the world due to the tricky last minute flight maneuvers required to land because of high rise towers and a large hill at the approach end of a too short runway as seen in this video clip. Its was a harrowing experience looking out the window of the left side of the plane and looking straight into the windows and balconies of apartment buildings. Below are pictures of dicey flight operations there.  Click on images for source image and info.   

Photo: Reuters

A jetliner making one of the last roof-skimming approaches to the old Kai Tak Airport on July 5, 1998.


United Airlines 747-400 on final approach. (Samuel Lo)

Look at the angle at touchdown. (Samuel Lo)

 HOT & HIGH!!! This plane is coming in higher and faster than normal. Note the left ailerons and flight spoilers in the full-up position as the pilot attempt to level-off quickly. (Gordon Ho photo)

Engine strike!! Engine had heavy damage and the aircraft spent about three days on the ground in
HKG having the engine changed.  (Daryl Chapman photo)
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9V-SMC on final approach and try to correct the heading
to line up the runway. (Alan Tsui)

Deviation approaches were a common sight at Kai Tak
Airport's runway 13. Almost there... its there somewhere.... (Andy Mok)

ua-744-3.JPG (111466 bytes)

Landing over nearby apartments.

CX 747-400 holding on the starting point. (Lawrence Chiu)

Famous Hong Kong night lights from Kwun Tong Ferry
Pier.  (Samuel Lo)


B-HUE (c/n27117/970 Del 5/93) crossing
the threshold of Rwy 16R in heavy fog operating as CX101 from Hong Kong (Craig Murray)

Getting money's worth .... (Kelvin Poon)

Landing next to crowded harbor. (Samuel Lo)


Good bye Kai Tak - http://www.twin.ne.jp/~watanabe/HK/

So who wants to complain about the landing now ... (Jerry Yau)

Photo's compliments of the photographers (named in parentheses) - used with permission - 
sourced from Airliners.net.  Also see www.JETPHOTOS.net

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