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Find us in the Hobson Road equestrian estates area east of Naperville bounded on the west by Egermann Woods Forest Preserve and on the east by Greene Valley Forest Preserve and Seven Bridges golf course and recreational complex.

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Property Map Aerial View
From Naperville -
  • Drive East on Hobson Road.
  • From College/Wehrli proceed 1/2 mile east to and past Indiana Avenue.
  • Continue 100 yards past Indiana Avenue and turn in the third driveway to the right (south) (BEFORE the next streetlight and street (to the North) which is Donwood Drive- black arrows). Note this is a double driveway, the right side has the iron gate - Be sure to take the left (east) side which is shared by three houses, not the right (west) side which is gated and goes into the large stone English Victorian home. We are behind this house.
From the east/north/south -
  • Take I-355 (or, Ill Rt 53) - (south from I-88, north from I-55) 
  • Exit Hobson Road/63rd Street West.
  • Continue West past Route 53 (1.6 miles), 
  • Continue through the first road and stoplight, Greene Road,
  • Continue west one mile past Greene Road.
  • We are the FIRST driveway on the LEFT (to the south) AFTER Donwood Drive (which in the right) (See black arrows).
At our driveway -
  • Take the LEFT side of the double driveway which is shared by three houses including the very large brown brick house at the entrance on the left. 
  • Proceed straight back (south) 500 feet,
  • Take the FIRST and ONLY RIGHT TURN.
  • We are the blue/grey cedar house with the matching garage in the back behind the the large stone home.
  • Park at the pull-off below the out-garage or between the garages at the top of the circular driveway.

See Local Property Map above.

NOTE - At night in the dark watch for the street lights at the corners of Hobson and Donwood Drive and Indiana Avenue. We are between these lights on the SOUTH side.

NOTE - Driveway and premises under video, webcam, and electronic surveillance.