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Janko's Little Zagreb
223 West 6th Street
Bloomington IN

812 332-0694

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July 17, 2004 -

Atmosphere - Crowded, boisterous, noisy - linoleum not only on the floors but also the walls! Indiana U Hoosier banners and posters adorn the walls. Don't come for the atmosphere unless you're in town for Big 10 college-town experience - you come for the food!
Atmosphere - 2.5/5

Food - No frills just steaks, steaks, and steaks. Very good beef, prepared perfectly at big city prices. The Sirloin for Two or Sirloin for Three are great values - some restaurants would sell them as man-size servings for one!    
Food - 4/5

Wine - The wine list is extensive that has been thoughtfully prepared with a reasonable selection of Cabernets, Merlot, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, and a limited selection of French and Italian, and the obligatory whites. There's also some ports. The List's selection reflect a somewhat unsophisticated wine clientele but there are some reasonable selections of quality wines to accommodate beef (notables were Whitehall Lane, Altamura, etc.) but a lot of mediocre second and third tier wines. Some big name high end wines - Quintessa, Opus One, Freemark Abbey Bosche, and Silver Oak which is offered in a deep vertical selection which is the highlight of the list - but there are no bargains. A few low end wines by the glass and there are a few half bottles.
Winelist - 3.5/5

Service is good provided by young hardworking students who are dressed casually making the attractively and tastefully dressed hostess appear almost out of place.
Service - 4/5

This is a small remote college town - but a big college town - sufficient to support an upper scale high end ($$) priced restaurant such as this. So the great food suitable for a fine-dining experience works with the boisterous casual atmosphere. Its a must visit if you're looking for a hearty (steak) meal. Don't expect Morton's or Ruth's Chris, rather a cross between them and a college beer hall and a diner! See Journal.
Overall - 14/20

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