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Della Notte Ristorante
801 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland

(410) 837 5500


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May 4, 2004 -

Atmosphere - 4/5

Food - Extensive Italian selection of Pasta, Pollo, Vitello and usual accompaniments.  
Food 4/5

The wine list is a Wine Spectator Best of Award of Excellence with 700+ selections and an inventory of over 12,000 bottles. Significant depth of verticals of top vintages of extensive selection of top Italian selections from top producers and mid-tier and some lesser producers. Also a respectable selection of top growth and second and third growth bordeaux from top vintages back to 1982. California selections of many top wines with depth of verticals dating ten deep as early of 1980. Modest selection of other selections including sparklers and desert wines.
Winelist 4.5/5

Service was a bit disjointed and distracted. Failure to produce our first wine selection resulted in second choice being brought out half way through the entrees. Tasty chocolate Tortofu was a highlight. Turning the lights off to hint of closing time at 10:30 pm belies the metropolitan atmosphere to remind diners they aren't in Chicago or New York. Service 2.5/5

While the selection of the extensive winelist and perfect provenance of a 24 year old Napa cab indicate a serious commitment to wine, bolstered by careful decanting with the candle and quality large wine glasses. This was detracted by trying to pass St Jean Sonoma Cabernet for Cinq Cepage and timing the wine selection halfway through the entrees. Serious wine aficionados expect more attention to detail and solemnity of such an extensive wine selection.
Overall - 15/20

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