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DineSite: Bistro Banlieue
Location: 44 Yorktown Convenience Center
Lombard, IL 60148
Website: http://www.bistrobanlieue.com/
Review: 16.25/20

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Feb 25, 2004 -

Atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, carefully and smartly laid out for a small strip mall venue. There are multiple levels and an adjacent private room that is private but sufficiently connected to the main dining room to not detract from its size an depth. The dining room is sufficiently segregated from the bar so as to protect diners from the noise but not the smoke even with a minimal crowd in the bar - bummer. Black and white photo's of Parisien sites add panache and a flair of France.
Atmosphere - 3.25/5

Food - Menu selection while minimal provides completeness with basic choices and balance. Entrees were tasteful and ample in proportions. 
Food - 4.25/5

Wine - Winelist, while short is carefully selected and attentive to providing great value over breadth or depth. Lesser known or renowned appellations (Gigondas, Vacqueras, and Monterey County) and producers result in lower prices. While the list is unpretentious and void of snob appeal wines it provides some great discoveries that are no less enjoyable. See review.
Wine - 4.25/5

Service was personable, attentive and amazingly quick in delivering food.
Service - 4.5/5

Overall - 16.5/20

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