Reasons to 'Just Say No!'

No-smoking billboard - its looks stupid No Smoking billboard - butts are gross

Butt Out! Billboards from
Illinois 1999 Anti-Tobacco Campaign
Jeffrey - inspiration for the award winning movie - The Insider  - direct to film-flash - Organized to combat student and faculty smoking at institutions of higher education, they now provide smoking cessation resources available to anyone around the world.  -  Tobacco and advertising - Honest tobacco ads
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids - Action on Smoking and Health

American's for Non-Smoker's Rights - their links page

It Saves Lives. It Saves Money. Indiana Tobacco Prevention and Cessation.

International Network of Women Against Tobacco

Smoke Free Families

Smoke Free Naperville Site  -  Non-Smoking Links Page

The World Isn't Your Ashtray Litter Butt!

Students Working Against Tobacco, Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi

Tobacco Free Life -  - Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC), part of the Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance, is dedicated to assisting organizations in building and developing highly effective tobacco control programs.
"The Benefits of Smoking Cessation"

US Smokefree Site - check out soccer gifs and free stuff!

National Kick-Butts Day Campaign The DuPage County Health Dept Site
Tobacco Site Kids Place website - tobacco in the news Whole Florida Youth Anti-Tobacco Site

Dare to be different - DONT SMOKE
Nicholas Cooper,12, 6th grade, St. Paul Lutheran
School, Bradley

Smoke - Yuck!
Jewelee King, 10, 4th grade, New Holland -
Middleton Elementary School, Middleton

Illinois student billboard  (above), and calendar (below)  contest winners.

Don't get hooked
Cari Erlinger, 4th grade, Carlyle

Smoking is garbage
Tanner Kowalski, 4th grade, Hebron

Longer you smoke - the shorter you live ... subtract 11 minutes for each cigarette!

Don't smoke - for all the little reasons....

Jessica Duplessis, 6th grade, Palatine

Whitney Kampwerth, 10, 4th grade, Carlyle
Elementary School, Carlyle

When you smoke.... you die....
Ross Gonzalez, 5th grade, Carlyle

Smoke, choke, croak!
Adam Gierhart, 4th grade, Rock Falls

Kick the habit!
Brooke Zachry, 5th grade, Carlyle

wilivinsm.jpg (4812 bytes)
Paul Wilson, 4th grade, Watseka

A group of NASA scientists studied the effects of a few different drugs on European garden spiders, where they discovered that they could use the spiders (and their webs) for quantitative drug detection tests!
NASA Research on Affects of Chemicals on Spiders 
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