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Who dropped the 'e'? Why do some of us spell McNees with and 'e' on the end while others do not? According to my grandmother Zelma Mae (Hurst) McNees (1899-1992), those that fought for the North during the Civil War dropped the 'e'. See lineage of Joseph McNeese and sons Henry McNeese and John McNees. Do you know this to be true? Do you know different?

AIM - Earl2812 (3:18:44 PM 02July06): Most of my family did side with the North and did drop the e or changed the spelling to McNeis or McNeice. My family did all three. Most converted back to McNeese after the war. I live in a city called Hemet its in Southern California.

This theory is contrary to the History and Origin of the McNees name published by John McNeese in 1981.

 Have some family lore? Send it to me and I'll post it.
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