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I am a descendant of Joab & Sarah (McCllum) McNeese.


On your webpage you say that Joseph is the 5th child of Joab, the only problem is that Joab was born in 1780, and you list Josephs birth at 1785. How is this possible?


Or did you mean to say that Joabs brother Joseph was born in 1785.


I am researching my McNees line and I am stuck at Joab.


I have not been able to find out who his parents were.


Robin McNees Ellis


Do you have or have you seen the book to which I refer on my page?  I see why you were confused… the Joab I mention and the Joseph I start my lineage with were brothers! (not to be confused by the fact that Joab’s father was also Joseph, and he had a son named Joseph. Sorry for this confusion…I’ll clarify this on my page…

There are multiple Josephs and Joabs … you’re looking at Uncles and Nephews…

All this info comes from that book…  some data for you…

NOTE there is JOAB Sr and Joab Jr.

Page 9

1A  Joab Webster McNeese, Sr. – had a son Joseph born in 1808 and a brother Joseph born in 1785

Born 1781 Fort Sullivan SC

Died Dec 14, 1833 Randolph Cnty, IN

Buried Maxwell Cemetery Farmland, IN

Lists data on service in War of 1812…..

Married July 20, 1803, Washington Cnty TN to Sarah McCollum

Born Oct 1783 Ft Sullivan SC

Died Jan 6 1871 Randolph Cnty, IN

Buried Maxwell Cemetery Farmland, IN

Daughter of Daniel and Sarah (?) McCollum

Daniel McCollum born 1760 in New Jersey

Data on Revolutionary War Record of McCollum ….

16 Children –

2A –(page 12) George Allen Gernade McNees – also had a son Joab 17A (page 13) Born Mar 17, 1831 Wash Cnty TN, Died Aug 27, 1832 Wash Cnty

5-A Joseph McNees Born 1808 NOT TO BE CONFUSED with his UNCLE Joseph born in 1785

9A – Joab McNees Jr.

NOTE there is JOAB Sr and Joab Jr.

 Page 203

 1A Joab McNees died 14 December 1833 – Randolph County, IN (different data than above)

4A -Samuel G McNeese

1807 (Washington Cnty TN) – 1834 Randolph Cnty IN

  • Son of Joab and Sarah (McCollum) McNees
  • Brother George A.G. McNees

5A – Joseph McNees Born 1808 Washington Cnty TN

Page 8

I hope this helps… my book starting with the elder Joab and Joseph has 363 pages of decendents there-from..

If you have further questions – let me know… I don’t find you in the book. Who is your father and grandfather… I’ll see if they are listed?

Where were they from? Let me know and I’ll see if I can help connect the dots!

Best wishes.


 Rick McNees