Subject: Hello there
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 06:12:24 EDT

Finally found a website about McNeeses. My name is Eric John McNees, I am 27 
years old. I live in Butler, Pennsylvania-- i saw on your website some info. 
about John C. who lived out in California-- his son sent us a postcard like, 
i think it was in the late 80s-- that he was supposed to stop by western PA 
here and visit, but he never did. Plus he sent the postcard in my dad's name, 
but my father Merle McNees died in 1982. I wish he would of came here! All of 
the McNees relatives mostly live in Slippery Rock, PA.-- In fact, my Aunt 
Freida was the one that told me about this guy out in california who was 
researching the McNeeses and she gave me some information that he gave her 
about the family name. Alot of the McNeeses here have passed away. My father 
was an electrician, my grandfather was a bricklayer, and my great grandfather 
was a blacksmith in Slippery Rock, PA-- OF which, i have a couple of his 
blacksmith tools! Anyway, please let me know that u have recieved my e-mail!

Hope to hear from u soon!

Eric J. McNees