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DineSite: Vincent - A Restaurant
Website: http://www.vincentarestaurant.com/
Location: 1100 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
Cuisine: Contemporary French
Review: 16/20
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July 21, 2005 -

Atmosphere is cosmopolitan with magnificent views of the city buildings through the tall windows and high ceilings. Tabling spacing is comfortable allowing intimacy and privacy. There are also several tables in the bar room and others upstairs overlooking the room below. The main room is light and airy thanks to high ceilings and large windows. 
Atmosphere - 4/5

Food - The food is billed as contemporary French but nuances of northern Italian abound. The menu offers beef, veal, halibut,  duck, cornish hen, salmon, lamb and various other selections. There is a nice selection of appetizers, soups and salads. Side dishes are ala carte which tends to push the price up however entrees are sufficiently adorned with sides to make a complete meal. Entrees were a bit over-cooked and presentations are subdued rather than being highly creative or decorative. .
Food - 4/5

Wine - Winelist is predominantly French with basic selections from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, and Languedoc.  There is a limited list of American selections from California, and a couple choices from Oregon, Washington, Australia, Spain and a few others. Selected wines tend to be carefully selected to offer a range of wines below $100 and generally are modest labels rather than big names. I found a favorite offering for almost 25% more than one of the large national big name steakhouses. I'd like to think this was an aberration but the wine prices were far from "inexpensive" as stated in the Wine Spectator Restaurant guide. They have a friendly BYOB policy with a $15 corkage fee which was a saving grace as I would have been exploring a list of largely uninspiring unknown wines for a selection. Perhaps there are some jewels there but the one that I savour was pretty expensive as noted above. There is a nice selection of wines by the glass
Wine - 4/5

Service was personable and adequate.
Service - 4/5

Overall - 16/20

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