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DineSite: Smith & Wollensky

318 North State Street
(At the river at Marina City)

Chicago, ILL

Phone: (312) 670 -9900
Website: http://www.smithandwollensky.com/Chicago.asp


Review: 18.5/20
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Revisited May 21, 2010
Great food, the steaks were superb, the girls seafood (mahi-mahi was excellent, they raved about the veggies, deserts were wonderful
Food - 4.75/5

Wine list has something for everyone, fat fair market prices. Friendly BYOB policy (+!), The house wine Napa Cabernet available by the glass was tremendous. 
Wine - 4.75/5.

Ambiance was diminished being seated in bar and service was a bit off tonight. All in all a great wine and steak place. in a great river front setting.
Atmosphere - 4.25/5
Service - 4.25/5
Overall - 18/20

July 10
, 2005 -

Atmosphere is cosmopolitan, comfortable, and relaxed amidst a city centre setting that is unmatched in the world - outside on the terrace along the Chicago River at State Street. Stylish and nicely done -  elegant and formal as you want it to be with a formal elegance inside to meet the City of Big Shoulders ambiance for a big city steak and wine dinner..
Atmosphere - 4.75/5

Food - Menu is basic American steakhouse with the obligatory selection of seafood for those so inclined  but this is the quintessential steakhouse. A selection of soups, salads, baked potato, vegetable selections du jour and house onion rings are available sides. Preparation and presentation is basic and fundamental. The hospitality and showmanship of promoting and showcasing the entrees is evidence of the big city and business setting where they take steak and wine seriously. Steaks and other dishes are seriously prepared with serious proportions and prices to match.
Food - 4.75/5

Wine - The winelist is extensive and thoroughly research and selected for the serious connoisseur and aficionado. There are fundamentally sound and basic wines from all regions and types for every tasteand almost every budget. There are respectable selections from all the major reqions with the top producers from Harlan to Screaming Eagle on the American Reds Library list. They're in the process of extending the wine selection further. The selections of wines is predominantly American carefully selected from California and the Northwest.
Wine - 4.5/5.

Service was professional, competent and attentive. The Sommelier David Ohr went out of his way to be attentive and helpful and indeed delivered a perfect selection to suit our mood and the setting and the food. Service - 4.5/5

Overall - Smith and Wollensky's is an institution - a shrine to steak and a shrine to wine. They take it seriously and pay attention to the details and focus on the fundamentals.  Its a serious wine and dine experience.

Overall - 18.5/20

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