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DineSite: Scylla
Website: http://www.scyllarestaurant.com/
Location: 1952 North Damen
Chicago, IL
  773 - 227 - 2995  
Cuisine: American
Review: 17.5/20
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March 3, 2007

Atmosphere - Small, quaint, rustic, comfortable - the seating is upstairs with exposed brick walls, windows to the building face next door or the street. Its comfortable and cozy as opposed to cramped considering the closed in, intimate space. 
Atmosphere - 4.25/5

Food - The starter goat cheese bavoroise with shaved beet salad and olive tapenade was a tasty complement to the full bodied fruity wine. The sautéed french gnocchi with roasted butternut squash, wild mushrooms, gorgonzola and pecans, was delicious, as were the seared diver scallops with braised chard and smoked pear compote, which were done perfectly, presented nicely and as good as you'll have anywhere. The braised short ribs with gorgonzola and brioche pudding, roasted cipollini onions, escarole and huckleberry bordelaise were a medley of flavors that was tasty, simple moderate portions that made me thankful I ordered a side of polenta that was a great accompaniment and nicely done with mushrooms that were integrated perfectly.

The menu is fairly simple but sufficient with creative beef, pastsa, and seafood selections complemented by nice selection of appetizers and salads. Beyond the entrees, the starter and desert courses were highlights to the meal and warrant attention to be chosen as purposefully as the entrees. 
Food - 4.5/5

Wine - The winelist is small but chosen with thoughtfulness, care and creativity to offer a fundamentally sound yet basic selection. Prices are very reasonable. Off the winelist was a special selection that was a one of our favorite wines at a great price making the overall dining experience extra special. The list contains a surprising mix of selections given the limited depth and breadth offering choices from California, Oregon, Australia, France and Italy. They thoughtfully offer several selections by the glass.
Wine - 4/5

Service was excellent - personable, professional, well informed, attentive, but not intrusive. They prepared and presented the wine with care - decanting and serving in nice stem glasses. The menu suggestions and explanations for the food, deserts as well as the wine were helpful, informative, and  added to the overall dining experience.   
Service - 4.75/5

Overall - 17.5/20

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