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DineSite: Scoma's
Website: www.scomas.com
Location: Pier 47 - Al Scoma Way
San Francisco, CA
  800-644-5852 415-771-4383
Cuisine: Seafood
Review: 14.75/20
Journal entries: Date, Atmosphere, Food, Winelist, Service, Other
October 24, 2004

Atmosphere is classic, rustic and picturesque with authentic location on the wharf at Pier 47 on Al Scoma way in San Francisco. Its a bit dated and dingy but what one would expect for the setting. The right table can view the Golden Gate bridge while most have views of the harbor and fishing boats. The restaurant is cosmopolitan - crowded but comfortable - friendly and amiable and fitting for the tourist location - slightly noisy and boisterous.   
Atmosphere - 3.5/5

Food - The food is as fresh as it  can be as they receive the seafood right there on the premises from the boats as well as suppliers. Classic authentic San Francisco seafood doesn't get any better and the selection is as good as it gets including my favorite, mouth-watering and succulent sand dabs, and equally enticing petrale, dore sole and incredible and scare abalone. There is a seafood sampler that is to die for with scampi, langostino's scallops and fresh fish, served on pasta of choice. The garlic mashed on delicious as are the mixed vegetables which if I like them, are likely overcooked for many. The fresh catch of the day varies but is indeed the fresh catch of the day. It doesn't get any more authentic or traditional.  
Food - 4.5/5

Wine - Winelist is basic and local with enough selections to complement the predominant seafood selection. You dont come here for the wine - your come for the food. Prices are reasonable. 
Wine - 3/5

Service was professional with white coated waiters who look the part as if they've been there for twenty years and many have. They're personable, casual and accommodating in providing the right combination for your dining experience. There's valet parking at the dock right at the door.
Service - 3.75/5

Overall - 14.75/20

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