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DineSite: Rain

State & Bennett Street
Routes 38 & 25
Geneva, IL

Website: http://www.rainrestaurant.net/
Cuisine: Euro-Asian
Review: 17/20
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Feb 23, 2006

Atmosphere is warm and comfortable with open and soothing aura of 'rain' from the fountain that permeates soft subtle water sound through the room. Large spacious room separated smartly around the corner setting divides the bar-lounge space from the dining room with space. This allows the live music from the lounge area to comfortably permeate the dining area for a lively and upbeat energy. Unfortunately there is also the essence of cigarette smoke that also invades the open space. The bar area is smartly decorated with combination of stone, wood, and light, highlighted by the wine cellar which is visible by a glass wall. There is a highly functional private dining room in the back that can seat up to 30. They graciously made it available to our small group of eight for a very effective discreet business dinner setting.
Atmosphere - 4.5/5

Food - Chef/Proprietor Jim offers a nice broad selection of beef, seafood, chicken and pork entrees. There is a broad selection of starters and deserts. The servings were ample and complemented nicely with a vegetable or starch. The appetizers were imaginitive, nicely prepared and presented and were quite tasty. They are also available in a sampler which is recommended. Entree's were good but not exceptional in taste or presentation.
Food - 4.25/5

Wine - The wine list is broad and deep but uninspiring and unimaginative. There was only one 'discovery' on the list - a Napa cab from an unheard of producer rendering the $225 per bottle price unapproachable and unrealistic. The saving grace was their liberal and reasonable corkage policy that allowed us to bring a couple of special cellar selections which was important since they had special meaning to our group and occasion. See Wine Journal.
Wine - 3.5/5

Service was personable, engaging, attentive, yet unobtrusive and overbearing,  in line with expectations.
Service - 4.75/5

Overall Rating - 17/20



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