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Michaels Restaurant
A Key West Steak House


532 Margaret Street Key West, Florida 33040

Website: http://www.michaelskeywest.com/
Tel: (305) 295-1300   
email: michaels@michaelskeywest.com
Cuisine: American
Review: 16.5/20


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July 6, 2006 -

The atmosphere is lively, trendy, quaint, comfortable and relaxing. Outdoor seating is bright and airy and covered from the elements. Several inexpensive fans are placed around the tables to move the air. While effective they are a bit noisy. Investing in some overhead fixtures under the canopy should do the trick. Also, while quant, and down to earth, one opening in the roof let rainwater run down and splash slightly on patrons - while refreshing, not desirable. Second chance visit, the rain water wasn't coming in but lighting problems kept blowing the circuit breaker of ornamental lighting leaving a security like spotlight to glare on our table. Oh well.  There is ample parking in a lot around the corner on Southard Street.    
Atmosphere - 3.75-4/5

Food - We all had seafood and all the entree's were delicious. Being from Chicago, we opted out from the fresh Chicago beef flown in from Allen's. (I must admit, having lived in Chicago for 50 years, I've never heard of their touted Allen's beef.) The Yellowtail Snapper was highlighted with delicious mushrooms and glazed onion roulade. The rice was fresh and perfectly prepared. Deserts were very tasty, Proportions were slightly minimalistic but adequate. The second visit produced local 'hogfish' special which was delicious. There is veal chop and duck in addition to several tempting steak dishes. This classic American fare offers the fundamental fare for a enjoyable dining experience,
Food - 4.25/5

Wine - The winelist is a Wine Spectator Award winner with 110 selections from America, predominantly California. Prices are very reasonable. The selection is adequate to ensure a basic selection to complement the menu offerings. They purportedly have an inventory of 1500 wines. They need to upgrade their storage facility as our red wine was served well above an optimal serving temperature detracting from its tasting experience. We actually had then take the bottle back to 'chill' a bit which they did - dunking it in a chiller as the bottle came back with its label soaked from immersion. Second chance visit, the service wine was served almost chilled - much better than the first visit. (See service.)
Wine - 3.75-4.25/5.

Second visit, our server Suzette was fabulous - pleasant, attentive, knowledgable, patient, professional and effective. Service was a bit off and unapologetic for several gaffes which weren't attributable to the fact our server had only been there one week. He forgot one of only two starters/salads, then expected to serve it with the entrees. The wine service was poor with the wine served too warm, then awkwardly chilled. The foil wasn't cut back from the pouring lip, and wine glasses were checked or topped up during the meal. The corks were not presented. I don't recall our server checking back on the suitability of our food however thankfully, everything was acceptable. Service was overall minimalistic and unattentive.  
Service - 2.5-4/5

Overall - While the service left a bit to be desired and there were some quirks in the ambiance, everyone enjoyed the overall experience and were wholeheartedly approving and would come back again. The modest rating doesnt perhaps adequately reflect the overall dining experience. - 14.25-16.5/20.

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