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Mangia Mangia


900 Southard Street Key West, Florida

Website: http://www.mangia-mangia.com/
Tel: 305 294-2469
email: mangia-mangia@hotmail.com
Cuisine: Italian
Review: 16.25/20


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July 17, 2006 -

The atmosphere is eclectic, quaint, comfortable and relaxing - unpretentious and unassuming. Outdoor seating is available in a comfortable airy garden terrace setting. The main dining room has the feel of a neighborhood bistro setting. Wooden booths with seat cushions, and tables that are a step away from linoleum. You feel like you're in the corner snack-shop out of the mid-century. There is ample parking in a lot around the corner on Southard Street.    
Atmosphere - 4/5

Food - Mangia Mangia is all about pasta. There are numerous chicken and seafood selections. Nothing fancy, pretentious or hauty here... just basic good food that is prepared well and presented nicely. The overall selection is a bit limited but is focused. The seafood medley dish offers a broad selection of scallops, conch, clams, shrimp, and other offerings over pasta in a simple sauce - imaginative and well prepared.
Food - 3.75/5

Wine - The winelist is a Wine Spectator Award winner with a broad range of selections from America, Italy, France and the new world. Prices are reasonable for most selections. There are quite a number of high end selections including First Growth Bordeaux, several from Opus, Silver Oak and a Grange which is surprising since there are very few Aussies. The high end offerings are big city pricing and ramp up to over $1000. They supposedly have the broadest range of offering on the island. The list is broad and varied although not especially deep. There is a selection for every palate and budget especially the high end which tends to overachieve relative to the dining experience. 
Wine - 4.5/5.

Service was cordial, friendly, attentive, patient, and informal.
Service - 4/5

Overall - This is a notch above a neighborhood eatery somewhere between there and a 'fine dining' experience. A fun place that is a unique dining experience. The winelist over-achieves.
Overall rating -

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