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900 North Franklin
Chicago, IL

Phone 312 335 5454
Cuisine: French
Review: 17/20
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July 9, 2005

Small stylish comfortable setting that feels like a Paris bistro in a cosmopolitan urban residential neighborhood under the panorama of the Sears Tower directly  to the south, and the John Hancock center directly to the east. Easy access and segregated sections makes for a pleasant setting for a fine cuisine meal.
Atmosphere - 4.5/5

Food - The classic French cuisine is authentic and quality. Good selection of creative salads and the range of entrees to meet anyone's desire. There is an early bird price fixe meal that is a great value with salad, entree and desert. Portions are appropriate and suitable. Presentations are fundamentally stylish - nicely done. Each entry comes with a magnificent delicious sauce and is accompanied by a medley of suitable and adequate veggies. Oysters come  adorned with caviar - the port wine reduction sauce complementing the tenderloin and the shrimp bisque sauce with the salmon are to die for. The selection of deserts overachieves with a good selection of sumptuous offerings. 
Food - 4.25/5

Wine - Winelist is a basic and offers a fundamental selection of French wines from several regiosn with a modest selection of Californian wines. Their modest originality is forgiven by their welcome and liberal corkage policy and fee. Selections are predominantly French from the major regions.   Wines are moderately priced. They offer a BYOB policy with a $15 corkage fee (worthy of .5 rating point in of itself!* which allowed us to bring a magnificent bottle as a perfect compliment to the outstanding food. See tasting notes Journal.). They thoughtfully offer several selections by the glass as well as a couple of  half bottles.
Wine - 3.5/5

Service was personable and adequate despite the server being busy with numerous tables, he was professional, friendly, accommodating, and backed up with a full complement of staff to provide comfortable and attentive service. - 4.24/5

Overall - 17/20

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