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Angelis Restaurant - Chicago Ave @ Naper Blvd, Naperville

DineSite: Angeli's

1478 Chicago Avenue
@ Naper Blvd
Naperville, IL

Website: http://www.angeliscatering.com/
Cuisine: Italian
Review: 17.5/20


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Regular visits -

Classic neighborhood bistro, atmosphere is cozy, quaint, intimate, a bit boisterous at times - not elegant or cosmopolitan - just friendly and plain good food. This has become our favorite dining outing and I admit, we've become 'regulars'. The true test is the rave reviews we've gotten from friends and other's who have taken up our recommendation and tried it! A big part of their business which they are equally know for it their catering. They finally were able to take over the adjoining space and their totally renovating so the atmosphere should improve dramatically. They also added outside al fresco dining. Have added to their point total already.
Atmosphere - 4/5

Food - Menu (Italian) selection is fundamental, basic standard Italian selections - at times imaginative but stick to the basic fundamental selections because they are fabulous, even inspiring at times. Our favorites, the veal piccata and the eggplant parmagiana have become benchmark standard bearers against which we compare at other restaurants, usually holding their own. The portions are generous, accompanied by hot fresh baked bread, and all selections are made with fresh, naturally prepared ingredients. You must try their notable specials when available. Their clam chowder is a must try! The pasta Fagoule soup, fried artichokes, and the Angeli's 'Special' Salad are all spectacular - standard bearers to all other restaurants we visit. Entree favorites are the Veal Piccata, Manicotti, ANY of their gorgonzola dishes such as the Veal Gorgonzola, the Butternut Squash Gnocchi; the stuffed mushroom Ravioli, their clam chowder and the mussels are all to die for! - Food - 4.75/5

Wine - The wine-list is minimalistic, predominantly Italian with basic fundamental selections - budget conscious for a neighborhood eatery, but not striving to be up to the fine-dining experience that the food tempts. The saving grace is their liberal and reasonable corkage fee for the serious wine afficionado so give em a point for that. Wine - 4/5

Service is always attentive, friendly, engaging, professional, and striving to please.
Service - 4.75/5

Overall - 17.5/20

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